The process of applying paint to the human body is mesmerizing. Live bodypainting has the ability to transform your event into a one of a kind, highly skilled performance that guests will remember forever. This type of artwork has the ability to engage a party into a collaborative experience between you the client, the model, the artist and the audience. Although nudity within this art form is becoming increasingly acceptable, this may not be appropriate for you. With the use of customized prosthetics and partial costuming we can include more or less nudity depending on your specific needs.

Dance and performance art are also transformed through bodypaint. By intentionally working with other art forms such as music and dance, we can create extraordinary outcomes. Performances such as these take a substantial amount of time and coordination as these artworks are inherently complex and involved. If you are interested in discovering what is possible, please make sure you plan for enough time to create this magic. Performances are ideal for film or photography. 

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