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Artist Statement

One could argue that the human form is the most incredible masterpiece ever created. Each is exquisite and unique.  

Our bodies are both what link us together, and what separates us from each other. Every thing we experience in life is through our bodies in some way. In order to interpret new experiences, we relate back to our bodies as a touchstone for our understanding the world. The more we are disconnected with our bodies the more we rely on society to tell us how we feel and what we want. 

Body art has played an important role throughout human history: it's been used as camouflage in the hunt, transformation in spiritual rituals and adornments for beauty and pleasure. It is only in recent history that humans have so rejected the naked form as some thing disgraceful, dirty and have strived so hard to keep our body’s hidden. We wish to use bodypaint celebrate the body.  When you combine the imagination of talented artists, color and texture with living canvases, sculpturally perfect in there variation something truly magical happens.

Magdalena O'Connor

Magdalena O’Connor is a talented versatile artist with a passion for body art. Trained as a special effects and makeup artist she has been Bodypainting for 10 years and has won multiple awards at prestigious Bodypainting events such as the World Body Painting Festival (Austria) and the New Zealand Body Art Awards (New Zealand) over the years she has trained with many of the masters in the field as well as refining in and developing new techniques within this exciting medium. As well as body art Magdalena excels as a sculptor and prop maker for more of here work check out


World UV Night Contest - 2ND - World Body Painting Festival, Austria 2012
Supreme Award - NZ Body Art Awards 2011
Fluorescent Illusion - 1ST - NZ Body Art Awards 2011
Masquerade - 2ND - NZ Body Art Awards 2011
Supreme Award - Waituhi - Festival 2011
Open Body Painting - 1ST - Waituhi Festival 2011
Audience Choice Award - Waituhi Festival 2011
Speed Paint - 1ST - Waituhi Festival 2011
Masquerade - 1ST - NZ Body Art Awards 2010
Airbrush Body Painting - 3rd - NZ Body Art Awards 2009
Prosthetic Mask - 1ST - NZ Body Art Awards 2008
Body Painting - 1ST - Style Pasifika 2007
Fluorescent Illusion - 2nd - NZ Body Art Awards 2007
Hand Painting - 2nd - Body Art Rocks 2006